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Project Planning


•Responsibility for initiating customer invoicing after acceptance
• Monitoring and controlling quality (for way of working and site quality)
• Planning of resources within the project, organize and lead the project teams
• Setting up and maintaining clear and effective internal and external communication within the project teams

• Identify, analyze risks, plan and implement risk response actions



Develops required project documentation identifying

-project goals and tasks and generating assignments

-consistent to meet objectives.

* Preparation of the project according to front loading principle

 * Prepare, plan, execute and close the project according to the business / customer contract requirements.

* Ensure complete Delivery Package implementation and final site acceptance

* Overall responsibility for acceptance * Look for project inefficiencies (like integration bottleneck) and remove them with the core project management team

* Evaluation and analysis of the overall risk level of the project, implementation of risk management in project * Hand over the network to care phase after acceptance.


Establishes change management procedures, including

-evaluation and communication for project duration.

-Develops reporting strategy for project.

Uses established processes to successfully deliver projects and services.


Project Execution

1) Takes responsibility for project and actively executes

to project plan while maintaining quality standards.


2) Ensures all commitments are met in accordance with pre-established project goals/objectives.

3) Demonstrates control of equipment deliveries, service costs, project activities and customer hand-over requirements.


Responsible for reporting on project financial and

1)schedule progress based upon project goals.

2) Ensures strategy for cost control is used

3) Good understanding of project data to predict project

Manage Risks and Scope Changes

1) Performs risk management.

2) Manages change, formulates action plans, and mitigates risk to minimize schedule delays and costs.

3) Actively takes advantage of change opportunities and

Project, Processes and Tools

1) Actively uses project methods, processes and tools.

2) Works within defined framework or responsibility.

3) Possesses excellent project tool skills

4) Drives the use of project document control and

To ensure that Network Services are maintained by supporting the day-to-day operations of the network services. Provide technical network advice and assistance.•Proactively contribute ideas and deliver the subsequently agreed action plans to further the overall success of :

* Preparing, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing the project according to contractual scope and commitment against project budget

* Ensure implementation of services in delivery scope and that all project (roll-out) targets are met e.g. progress, quality and cost by using global tools, interfaces and standard site process milestones * Overall responsibility for customer/ final acceptance