We understand the challenges and complexities associated with maintaining a Switching Network. With our extensive resource pool of qualified MSC, BSC/BTS and UTRAN engineers, we can help the customers in performing the day-to-day O&M tasks to complex BSC and MSC rehomes. PT can execute these projects by providing T&M resources or take-on full turnkey projects encompassing Project Management, script creations, execution and post performance.

We provide services and solutions for different equipment vendors like, but not limited to, Alcatel- Lucent, Ericsson, NSN, Huawei that include the following:

Our services includes:

• Site maintenance and troubleshooting
• 24/7 on call duty
• Alarm detection and handling
• Follow up trouble tickets


Operations, Administration & Maintenance

Daily equipment fault monitoring and hardware correction

Checking of Alarm logs and Supporting Field Operations

System backups


NSS Systems Services

System integration & expansion to add new OC3 modules

Port conversion

Decommissioning of legacy switches

New IMT/PSTN integrations and Augment Activities

DACS expansion and optimization

Traffic Analysis to forecast new equipment and trunks


Access System Services

BSC/TCU/PCUSN/RNC/Node B Integration

BSC/BTS/Node B Rehomes ( Turnkey)

Trunk Augmentation

BSC Port conversion & Decommissioning Services

RNC/BSC capacity planning


Network Audits

Auditing System Parameter as per customer standards

Fine tuning of parameters to improve performance


MGW Rebalancing

Redistribution of trunks across all MGW’s to balance traffic


Translation Support

Implementing switch translation for least cost routing

Implementing E911 translations

Monitoring LERG for new codes